Murray Hunt
Murray is a specialist in research, development, organization management, alliance establishment and design of livestock improvement programs. He has experience working at the senior management and executive director levels for public and producer-directed organizations. As Executive Director, Murray represented, developed industry alliances, developed research initiatives and monitored research for the Canadian AI's industry trade association. As General Manager, Genetic Improvement, Murray designed and managed all improvement and development aspects for the Canadian Holstein breed.

Karen Hunt
Along with a B.A. (McMaster University) Karen has six years of experience in the agricultural industry as information director for the Canadian Association of Animal Breeders. She authored a byline "Genetics At Work" in the Holstein Journal and produced regular newsletter, "CAAB At Work". Karen has developed exhibits and event promotions, including logo design, brochures, corporate image packages and awards. Karen also has first-rate writing and research skills and enjoys generating fresh ideas and developing creative solutions through her new business venture "Wellspring Enterprises".
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